We are excited to present to you three new AI-powered functionalities for the Accounts API in our sandbox environment

Accounts with AI - new AI-powered features enriching our API - OP Developer


We are excited to present to you three new AI-powered functionalities for the Accounts API in our sandbox environment:

  • Categorization, with two further areas. 1) "op" is our identified category for the transaction, for example salary or grocery shopping. 2) "503020" corresponds to the model that 50% of income should go toward mandatory expenses or "needs", 30% toward elective expenses or "wants", and 20% toward savings. With these we are looking to provide our customers with additional insights into their accounts and suggestions on how to improve their financial health
  • Tags, which we are looking to use for more free-form information on the transactions. Uses could include for example location or time of day or week. Think of this as the hashtag for the transaction. We will be adding tags automatically, but aim is to also allow the user to modify and add their own tags at a later stage.
  • Predicted transactions, where the focus is to provide our customers with a view further into the future for upcoming account activity. Currently, the functionality can be used to return recurring income and expense transaction. The aim is to also allow for the user to add their own recurring transactions at a later stage.

Categorization and Tags are available as new enriching attributes in account transactions. Predicted transactions are available from their own new endpoint.

Offering additional, intelligent features to our customers on top of their basic account information is a strong focus for us. While these are so far only available in the sandbox, we are committed to making this release a promise of things to come. We will be looking for new opportunities to bring AI-powered features available for our customers and partners across our entire API landscape. Privacy and security are naturally as important to us as ever, and so all new features will rely on customer consent for use of their data.

We invite all of you to try out these new additions, and give feedback! Come and visit our Accounts with AI website.