Terms of use

These constitute the terms of use of OP Developer website and OP Developer sandbox. Please read these terms carefully before you use OP-Developer website. By using the site, you indicate that you accept these terms of use. Individual pages on the website may include special service-specific terms to be primarily applied in addition to these terms.

It is important to notice that the content of these pages are aimed at and intended for use in the Finnish markets by service users who are either Finnish or who live in Finland. Finnish legislation shall apply to the content regardless of the country from which the said services are being used.

The sandbox environment is available for registered users for testing purposes, and does not constitute a right to access real customer data without the consent of OP Financial Group.

OP may change these terms of use, the content, layout and availability of the website and the specifications of equipment required for the use of the website or prevent access to the website or close the website without notifying thereof in advance.

Service provider

These web pages are owned and maintained by:

OP Palvelut Oy (Y-tunnus 2241010-7)

PL 909, 00101 Helsinki

Information you provide

The information that you provide in order use OP Developer sandbox must be real and accurate.

Service provider’s liability

This website provides general information on OP and services offered. The content of the OP Developer website and OP Developer sandbox shall be provided without commitment and “as is”.

Any information or functionalities provided on this website might be subject to changes and are not to be considered a binding commitment in implementing or providing services or technical operational details in the services, unless otherwise expressly agreed.

Service provider’s warranty

The service provider makes no warranty as to the service content or the service functionality.

The service provider is not responsible for the functionality of the website or for the operations of external service providers or for the content of the services they provide. The service provider accepts no responsibility for ensuring, and makes no warranty, that these web pages will be uninterrupted or error-free.

The service provider is not liable for any expenses, losses or any other damage or loss that may result from the use of this website or advice or other information given on this website. The service provider accept no liability for any damages or direct, indirect or consequential loss arising from the availability or any use of these web pages, including any harm or defect caused to customers computers as a result of access and use of the server that makes these web pages available.

Service provider’s rights

Unless otherwise indicated the OP Financial services owns all rights, interests and intellectual property rights, functions and related information, including the right to copy, modify, develop, sublicense, sell and disclose such rights to sandbox applications.

Changes and Access to OP Developer and the sandbox

OP Financial Group will retain the right to make changes to the portal, the content included these terms and conditions, and technical requirements for hardware and software to browse these pages without giving advance notice by taking the changed web pages, content or solution into use. OP Financial Group may prevent or terminate your right to access or use OP Developer service or the sandbox environment if deemed necessary.