Collect online payments from all Finnish banks with one API

Collect online payments from all Finnish banks with one API - OP Developer


OP Online Payment takes e-commerce to the next level with its new multi-bank feature. It allows merchants to collect credit transfers from customers of all Finnish banks – with just one e-payment solution.

OP Online Payment is the modern, state-of-the-art replacement for Finland’s favorite e-payment instrument, OP online payment button (verkkomaksupainike). With the latest update, we’re announcing a new multi-bank feature: with one simple integration, your store can offer payment methods covering every Finnish bank.

Better customer experience wrapped in modern REST API technology

In Finnish e-commerce, the online payment button is the most popular payment method by far. OP payment button, the most used e-payment option, was launched in 2001 and can be found in all Finnish online stores. That makes it a very familiar service for Finnish consumers.

OP Online Payment, the successor to OP payment button, comes with the same core functionalities as the old service, but it has been upgraded to meet modern standards both in security and customer experience. Well-established technologies, specifically JSON and REST, make integration to your systems easier than ever. For more technical details, see the REST API documentation.

Just like before, OP Online Payment supports refunding payments partially or completely. But we’ve added a completely new optional endpoint that helps you when the payer doesn’t return to the webstore after paying – for example, if the payer closes their browser after the bank informs them about the success of the payment. With the Merchant Callback endpoint, you can check the status of the payment even in these cases.

Additionally, we recently published a new online payment method: OP Lasku. It’s a consumer financing option that connects seamlessly with the OP Online Payment's user flow. Together, OP Online Payment and OP Lasku form an outstanding payment experience with payment options that suit the needs of any customer.

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Multi-bank feature brings Finland’s payment buttons to you

Until now, online stores have had to connect to each bank separately to collect credit transfer payments. That means multiple integrations to multiple systems that all work differently – which can be burdensome.

To make e-payment integration easier for our merchant customers, we have enhanced OP Online Payment with a multi-bank feature that brings payment buttons from all Finnish banks to you.

This new feature connects your store to the browser flows of all other Finnish banks, so your customer always has access to their preferred payment method - and you only have one integration to worry about. With support for refunds and merchant callbacks, the multi-bank feature makes things incredibly simple and hassle-free!

The multi-bank feature is an add-on service that can be separately agreed upon with your OP cooperative bank. Testing the feature in sandbox is free of charge. We have added detailed onboarding instructions to the REST API documentation.

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