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Traditional banking is going through a big shift as PSD2 obliges European banks to open their APIs. This is a great opportunity for us to collaborate with FinTechs and startups and expand the payment and account services we offer our customers.

OP Online Payment API

OP Online Payment API

A convenient payment method for e-commerce.


OP Accounts V3.0 API

Effortless access to account and transaction information.

Corporate Account Services

OP Corporate Account Data API

Real-time information of corporate accounts and transactions into your business applications.

Corporate Payment Services

OP Corporate Payment API

Payments initiated on corporate accounts directly from your business applications.

Wealth management APIs will transform saving and investing


We strive to make investing accessible to wider customer groups with new distribution arrangements. Our mutual fund and stock APIs allow your customers to trade OP’s mutual funds and stocks listed in OMX Helsinki, and track the value of their investments within your service.



APIs for user's fund information and creating redemption and subscription orders.



APIs for user's holdings information.


Financial Instruments

Trade stocks listed in Nasdaq Nordic.



Open new custodies for stock trading.

Enabling next-generation mobility services


New technology and a cultural shift are enabling more creative mobility services. Sharing economy permits expansive data which can be used for improving safety and reducing emissions linked to traditional transportation.



Branches API provides your customers with up-to-date information on the closest bank branches.

We will be releasing APIs in diverse services


Simple and secure solutions for authenticating your end users online.


Reach the user directly with new health services.


Housing services that adapt to everyone's needs.


A seamless insurance provider that connects to multiple services.

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Collect online payments from all Finnish banks with one API

Collect online payments from all Finnish banks with one API

Get your refunds right with no manual work

Get your refunds right with no manual work

New OP Corporate Transaction Filter API now in sandbox

New OP Corporate Transaction Filter API now in sandbox