OP Developer invites all developers to test PSD2 APIs in our sandbox

PSD2 sandbox launched - OP Developer


PSD2 sandbox launched

PSD2 APIs allow third-party software developers to provide banking services to OP's customers. The sandbox is open to all developers - with or without a PSD2 license.

As of March 14 2019, PSD2 requires all banks to open their testing environments for PSD2 APIs. OP offers the following three API products:

  • PSD2 Payment Initiation Service
  • PSD2 Account Information Service
  • PSD2 Confirmation of Funds Service

The PSD2 APIs will become available in production to all licensed developers in September 2019 - at no additional cost.

Read more about this change in the financial industry on our PSD2 page.

Quality, reliability, and guidance

OP Developer invites you all to test our PSD2 APIs and integration in our sandbox!

We provide entry paths for both licensed and unlicensed developers, with or without the legally required PSD2 certificates. Although real data is not available in the sandbox yet, authentiation and authorization work just like in production.

We want to reach the same level of reliability with our PSD2 APIs as with OP’s other main services. And as with everything we do, developer experience is a top priority for us. This means offering high-quality documentation - just like with other OP's APIs.

To supplement our extensive documentation, our TPP Demo App guides you through the deployment of the PSD2 APIs. The TPP Demo App is available on GitHub, where you can find the source code for it. In addition, we've created a command line app to help you with your app integration. We highly recommend using it.

What do you think? Let’s work together!

We want to develop our APIs with you. Our goal is to enter production on a limited scale in the summer 2019, and we want to make sure our APIs work as smoothly as possible by that time.

Therefore, we hope to receive a lot of feedback from you, as we are able to react and make changes now more easily than when the APIs are in production.

In addition, we are looking for a partner with whom to pilot the PSD2 APIs in production. Could it be you? Contact us at api@op.fi and let's discuss piloting opportunities!

Beyond PSD2

Alongside PSD2 APIs, we offer premium APIs for our partners. Premium APIs are developed in cooperation with our partners to cater to their specific needs, helping them offer cool and innovative services to their customers.

Be sure to check out our first premium API Accounts V3.0 - and stay tuned for more!