Find transactions in real time from your company’s account data

Find transactions in real time from your company’s account data


The latest addition to the OP Corporate Banking API product family is designed to help companies make better use of real-time transaction data. The API opens up possibilities for improving services in many areas, including sales and logistics.

OP Corporate Transaction Filter API delivers real-time, filtered transaction data to any application used in your company.

Transaction Filter API is now available for testing in sandbox environment. Check out the API documentation to learn more about the technical details, and request access at We will release the production version of the API later this spring.

Get real-time data to all your applications and improve customer experience

Today in most companies, transaction data is delivered from the bank to applications used in the financial department. From there, the data flows to other applications in the company, and in many cases, this takes a lot of time. Problems arise when users outside the financial department need to see the account data in real time. Transaction Filter API is designed to bridge this gap by delivering up-to-date transaction data to any application.

But real-time account data alone is not enough. Many companies have large transaction volumes, and searching for a specific payment can be time-consuming. Filtering transactions based on different criteria increases efficiency in many business cases.

As an example, customer service often needs to check whether a customer has made the payment before they activate a service or send a product. Other areas that have uses for real-time transaction data include, for example, sales and logistics.

Transaction Filter API allows a company to make filtered account transaction queries. The API returns transactions that match the criteria given in the query, such as payment date, amount, reference or message. The complete list of available filters is presented in the API documentation.

With a simple integration, you can update your CRM, ERP or any other system in real time. Or create a search UI for employees who need to check specific transactions - whatever best suits your needs!

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OP Corporate Banking APIs saw their first sandbox launch in June 2019 with two APIs: OP Corporate Account Data API and OP Corporate Payment API. They have been in production since December and the first experiences have been promising.

When you want to adopt one or more of our Corporate Banking APIs into use in production, go to OP API Admin, where you can create and confirm service agreements.

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