Which APIs OP is planning to open and when?

We will open application programming interfaces (APIs) across all our businesses. We will offer APIs in banking, insurance, investment management, health, living and mobility. Due to the diversity of our business, we are able to offer wide range of opportunities for our partners and other software developers.

The APIs will be opened in phases. We started by opening OP Developer Sandbox in the beginning of this year. Sandbox provides test data and four APIs: Accounts for accessing accounts, Payments for initiating and confirming payments and Funds for managing a user’s holdings.

We aim at granting the developers an access to the production system APIs later this year. However, sandbox APIs reflect the future production system APIs and can already be used for developing and testing applications. Sandbox APIs are free to use. Some daily restrictions apply regarding amount of API calls.

Regarding PSD2 related questions, please, contact Anders Stenbäck (information below) or visit op.fi https://uusi.op.fi/private-customers/daily-banking/payment/psd2

Monetisation and PSD2 interfaces (pricing)

We will disclose further information about pricing models of equivalent production system APIs at the time of their launch. Depending on the API, we use combinations of various pricing models based on revenue share, events, API calls and licence fees.

Regarding the PSD2 compliant APIs and services, we are following EU and the local legislative authority’s guidance.

Further questions and feedback: Anders Stenbäck or op-developer.fi

The Payment Services Directive (PSD2) requires banks to provide external developers an access to Account Information Service (AIS), Payment Initiation Service (PIS) and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) through dedicated APIs.

We have already opened sandbox APIs (Accounts for accessing accounts, Payments for initiating and confirming payments) reflecting the final PSD2 compliant APIs that will be opened later for the external developers in the production system.

Please, find more information about PSD2 here: https://uusi.op.fi/private-customers/daily-banking/payment/psd2

Are you opening more than PSD2 requires? Why?

We provide our developer community an opportunity to develop diversified services and not just banking products. This is why we are planning to open APIs across our businesses: in banking, insurance, investment management, health, living and mobility.

Our goal is to support our partners to succeed and build together diversified services for customers – and finally for all. This provides an advantage for our partners in boosting their business and in developing new, innovative products and services that exploit external data and open APIs.

Who will benefit and how?

Most importantly, the end-users and our customers benefit the most from new, innovative diversified services developed together with our partners and external developers.

We also strive to ensure that the developer community and our partners succeed in bringing these services to their own customers. The opportunity to build innovative, diversified services, our trusted brand, a vast customer base and our expertise provide an advantage for our partners and other developers in boosting their own business.

Also we, as a company, will benefit. Thanks to the open APIs, striving developer community and several partners, we are able to support our customers’ financial success and wellbeing better than before and thus secure our place in the digital ecosystems of the future.

How is OP Developer different from competitors’ equivalent services?

We believe that we are a very competitive choice for our partners due to the opportunity to build diversified services, well-established and a trusted brand, a vast customer base and our strong expertise in financial industry. We are also working hard to ensure that collaboration with us is as seamless, beneficial and rewarding as possible.

What are our future scenarios?

A safer world. We hope to build safer cities with the use of data generated by numerous connected devices that provide us with information about driving habits, traffic jams, coordinates of accidents and emissions.

A healthier world. We hope to offer healthcare and insurance services that reflect the real, current state of health and needs better, for instance, with the use of wearables that enable us to monitor our health, activity and life style more accurately.

The next level in personal financial management. We hope to offer more holistic and comprehensive financial advice with the use of intelligence in our own APIs and external data from wide range of other APIs.