Why do we collect data on the use of online services?

In order for OP’s website and services to function smoothly and securely, we collect data on those who visit our website and on the use of our services. We use the collected data to analyse the site and service, to develop them further and to monitor their use. By identifying browsers, devices and users, our goal is to enable more personal services by offering relevant messages and advertising that interests visitors.

How do we collect data on the use of online services?

We receive data on the use of online services by using cookies and other such technologies. In practice, a cookie tells us, for example, whether you have visited our website before or whether you have an uncompleted purchase transaction.

We use both session and persistent cookies. Session cookies exist only during a single visit, and are deleted automatically when the browser is closed. Session cookies are needed, for example, for providing online banking services. Persistent cookies remain on the browser or on the device for a fixed period, also after the session, unless you remove them before that.

We can link data on the usage of services and websites to a customer only when the visitor logs into OP’s services using his/her own user ID. If a customer logs into OP’s services on different devices, the collected data on the usage of the devices can be linked to the specific customer.

With cookie settings, you can select the purposes for which we can collect data on your use of the services.

How do we use the data?

We collect data on the use of our online services for several different purposes. When you visit OP’s website, we collect essential data to make sure that the service works reliably and securely. For other parts, you can give your consent in the cookie settings as to what kinds of data we can collect, and for which purposes we can use it.

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Essential data

With the help of essential data needed to provide the service, we make sure that the website works reliably and securely. In practice, this means, for example, that the service has the right language when you log into our sites. Essential cookies also help our product development, for example when we are looking into how well the service meets the needs of our customers. We also receive statistical information on the use of the service, and we use the information for service and business reporting. We do not disclose this data outside OP Financial Group.

Service development

We use the data to develop new services that interest users, and to further develop OP Financial Group’s business. When you consent to the use of your data, we can distribute data within OP Financial Group and provide even better services that meet your needs as our customer. We do not disclose this data outside OP Financial Group.

Targeted marketing

This data enables us to target marketing on OP Financial Group’s own and on our partners’ services, so that you will receive marketing that matches your interests instead of marketing that is targeted to everyone. On OP’s website, we can target marketing, for example, based on the sites you have visited or the services you have looked at on these sites. You can see OP’s advertising on our own websites or on the websites of OP’s partners, at OP’s request. We do not disclose your data outside OP Financial Group.

Media external to OP

We can collect and disclose data to advertising networks and social networking sites, such as Facebook, for targeted marketing. In practice, we collect data on internet behaviour or target groups for a third party that can also utilise the data for its own purposes. You can reap the benefits of this, for example, when you are using social networking sites. You will then be able to receive OP’s current marketing directly through these services. In addition, these service providers can provide you with other services that suit you better, when they get information on your interests.

OP is, as a responsible company, committed to protecting the privacy of its customers in compliance with data protection legislation. For more information on privacy and data protection, see www.op.fi/dataprotection.