All Finnish SCA credentials available via one API - OP Identity Service Broker now in sandbox

OP Identity Service Broker replaces TUPAS in 2019 - OP Developer


OP Identity Service Broker replaces TUPAS in 2019

As the end of TUPAS draws closer, OP offers a simple solution: an API that implements Strong Digital Identification with any Finnish digital ID. OP Identity Service Broker is now available in sandbox.

Identifying end users is a necessity to any serious digital service. Until now, the go-to solution in Finland has been TUPAS. But with recent technological advances and legislative development, it no longer fulfils the criteria set for strong customer authentication.

Because of this, TUPAS' journey is coming to an end: in September 2019, the service will no longer be maintained. This means that all online services using it must update their authentication solution.

Read more about this change on Finance Finland's (FFI) article (only in Finnish).

Modern, secure and simple solution to digital identification

OP Identity Service Broker is OP's response to the change. It is a modern, secure and simple solution to digital identification. With ISB, your customers can identify using either Mobile ID or bank credentials from almost any Finnish bank.

Even better, since we offer the entire network of credential providers, you don't need to manage contracts with each individual identity provider - we take care of everything.

The service includes almost all Finnish identity providers, and the list is growing. See our product page for a list of authentication credentials currently available.

In production in June 2019

OP Identity Service Broker is currently available in sandbox, and with our technical documentation you can start preparing your application right now. Adding to this, we've created an integration example which will help you get started.

OP Identity Service Provider will enter production in June 2019. Be ahead of the curve and start developing now!