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Banking made easy

The Second Payment Service Directive takes online banking to a new level. Account information, payment initiation and confirmation of funds are available via modern, RESTful web APIs. OP's PSD2 APIs serve our customers in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. All this, free of charge, available to all licensed developers.



PSD2 APIs are available in our test enviroment as of March 2019. In June 2019, they entered production for market phase testing, and in September 2019 all PSD2 APIs will become available in production to all licensed developers.



Consume PSD2 APIs.

Register as AISP/PISP

Get QWAC and QSEAL certs

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API Documentation


PSD2 Payment Initiation Service

Initiate SEPA payments.
  • PSD2 PIS|swagger.json
  • psd2_accounts.svg

    PSD2 Account Information Service

    Account and transaction information.
  • PSD2 AIS|swagger.json
  • psd2_cof.svg

    PSD2 Confirmation of Funds Service

    Confirm availability of funds on an account.
  • PSD2 CoF|swagger.json
  • Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania

    OP's PSD2 APIs in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are operated by Enfuce.