OP PSD2 Account Information Service API

Account and transaction information.

In productionFree

OP PSD2 Account Information Service API (AIS) gives you access to OP's customer's account and transaction data. The API is available for all Third-Party Providers who have an AISP licence and valid QWAC and QSEAL certificates.

  • All current accounts, their details and transactions

    Get data on all current accounts to which the customer has provided authorization.

  • All credit cards and card transactions

    Retrieve a list of the end user's credit cards and the transactions on them. 

  • Authentication and authorization

    Create and revoke authorization from the end user.

Production issues

During office hours, you can contact us about any production issues via email at tpp-support@op.fi. Please provide us with the following information:

  • Date and time of the issue (including time zone)
  • Description of the issue
  • Full error response
  • authorizationId
  • clientId
  • x-fapi-interaction-id header value
  • authorization request JWT (when issue is with /oauth/authorize)

Outside office hours, please report production issues on op.fi and send the ticket number to tpp-support@op.fi. Include the following information in the report:

  • System: "PSD2 AWS API" or "PSD2 Authorization" depending on whether the issue is with API call or with authorization
  • Service: "PSD2 Account Information Service"

Do not include sensitive information such as client secret, API key or access token, when contacting us.

Take the API into use

Try the API out in the sandbox

Register on OP Developer and create a developer application. Read more detailed instructions for sandbox access.

Integrate and develop in production

Apply for an AISP or PISP licence from a financial authority and obtain valid QWAC and QSEAL certificates. Then, you can register for PSD2 APIs. Read more detailed instructions for production access.

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