OP Tililuotto API

Offer your customers a convenient payment method for large e-commerce purchases.

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OP Tililuotto is an e-commerce payment method for purchases up to 20 000 euros. You can add it to your online store with OP Tililuotto API to support both in-store and web store payments. With OP Tililuotto, your customer can split a payment to 72 months, the interest rate being lower than in buy now, pay later loans.

OP Tililuotto is available for all Finnish consumers: strong authentication is supported whatever bank your customer is using.

  • Create and delete purchases

    Check the statuses, purchases and refunds of your customers to always stay up to date.

  • Invoicing

    Create an invoice for a purchase.

  • Check whether you can apply for credit

    You can easily verify yourself that you are allowed to use the API.

Take the API into use

Try the API out in the sandbox

Send us an email at vendorweb-dev@op.fi.‍

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Send us an email at vendorweb-dev@op.fi.

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