OP Lasku API

Provide your customers with a convenient payment method for e-commerce purchases up to 5,000 euros.

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OP Lasku is an e-commerce payment method for purchases up to 5,000 euros. You can add it to your online store with OP Lasku Payment API. For your customer, OP Lasku brings more flexibility to paying, as they can also choose to pay in instalments. And for you OP Lasku is risk-free, as you get the money right away and OP takes care of the bills and instalments afterwards.  

With OP Lasku, your customer has 45 days to pay interest-free, which is the longest time in the Finnish market among buy now, pay later products. The payment method can be used by anyone who is at least 20 years old and has any Finnish bank’s credentials – so OP Lasku is available for all consumers whatever their bank is. All OP Lasku users being either merchants or consumers are supported by OP's customer support service locally in Finland. 

  • Check whether a customer can make a purchase or apply for credit

    Everything starts by checking that the customer is allowed to use OP Lasku.

  • Refund a purchase easily

    The API allows you to make partial or full refunds to your customers.

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