OP Accounts V3.0 API

Effortless access to account and transaction information.


OP Accounts V3.0 API was available for onboarding in the sandbox and in production for selected partners only. The API is deprecated and we are not accepting any more new applications. For all licensed TPPs, we offer our PSD2 APIs.

OP Accounts V3.0 API provides easy access to private customers' account and transaction information from their Current Accounts. It features a simplified API, reduced headers and flattened response models for smoother consumption. In short, Accounts V3.0 reflects our accumulated knowledge of how to design great banking APIs.
  • Account and transaction information

    The API provides personal customers' account and transaction information from their current accounts.

  • Cards and card transactions

    Get a list of a personal customer's cards and card transactions.

Take the API into use

We are not onboarding new users for this API in the sandbox or in production.