OP FX Fixing Rates API

Up-to-the-minute exchange rates for your finances.

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OP FX Fixing Rates API allows you to retrieve European Central Bank (ECB) counter currency fixing rates. In cases where the ECB has not published a fixing rate, an equivalent middle rate through OP is returned.

The fixing rates should only be used for such purposes as accounting valuation. The service cannot be used for commercial customer transactions.

Currently the API is in the development phase, so any feedback you may have at this stage would be most welcome. The comments and questions may be sent to corp-payment-APIs@op.fi.

  • One rate or all rates

    Get fixing rates for a specific currency or get rates for all supported currencies.

  • Rates of any date

    Get the day’s fixing rates for any prior date.

Take the API into use

This API is not yet available for onboarding in the sandbox or in production. More information in the technical documentation.