OP Branches API

Provide your customers with up-to-date information on the closest bank branches.

In productionFree

OP Branches API provides you with up-to-date information on the closest OP bank branches to you. The API supports filtering by bounding box and free-text query. You can sort the results by nearest to the furthest. The data is available in both Finnish and Swedish. 

We offer the Branches API for use both in the sandbox and in production to anyone interested free of charge. 

  • Find OP bank branches

    Get up-to-date information on the closest OP bank branches.

  • Filter and sort the results

    You can filter the locations by bounding box or free-text query and sort them by nearest first.

  • Supports JSON and GeoJSON

    You can get the results either in JSON or as a GeoJSON FeatureCollection object.

Take the API into use

Try the API out in the sandbox

Register on OP Developer and create a developer application.

Integrate and develop in production

Request production access on OP Developer after signing in. Read more detailed instructions in the technical documentation.