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Banking is OP’s largest business segment providing customers with a comprehensive range of products and services.

PSD2 regulation has obliged European banks to open their APIs to Third Party Providers, which brings a big shift in banking. We consider this a great opportunity to collaborate with FinTechs and startups and expand the services we offer our customers.

However, open banking is more than just PSD2. We are dedicated to continously develop our selection of high-quality banking APIs that would best meet our partners' needs. Our premium APIs include, for example, OP Online Payment API and OP Corporate Banking APIs.

In production

OP Online Payment

A convenient payment method for e-commerce.

In production

OP Corporate Account Data API

Real-time information of corporate accounts and transactions into your business applications.

In production

OP Corporate Payment API

Payments initiated on corporate accounts directly from your business applications.

In production

OP Corporate Refund API

Improve your refund processing with automation.

In production

OP Corporate Transaction Filter API

Filtered transaction data directly to your business applications.

In production

OP Corporate Transaction Info API

Get the details of account transactions for reconciliation purposes effortlessly.

In production

OP Corporate Service Provider API

Manage service provider mandates related to OP Corporate Banking APIs.

In production

OP Branches API

Provide your customers with up-to-date information on the closest bank branches.

In development

OP Request to Pay API

Discover a new way to collect payments.

In production

Pivo Payment

Finland’s largest mobile wallet payment solution is designed to make paying online easy and fast. The API supports online, in-app and Facebook Messenger.

In production

OP Accounts V3.0 API

Effortless access to account and transaction information.

In production

OP Tililuotto Payment API

A convenient credit payment method for e-commerce purchases between 0–20 000 €.

In production

OP Lasku Payment API

A user-friendly buy now, pay later payment method for e-commerce purchases between 0-5 000 €.

PSD2 Products

Read more about PSD2
In production

OP PSD2 Account Information Service API

Account and transaction information.

In production

OP PSD2 Confirmation of Funds API

Confirm availability of funds on an account.

In production

OP PSD2 Payment Initiation Service API

Initiate SEPA payments.

Web Services channel

The Web Services channel allows customer systems to upload and download payment transfer content to and from the bank.

In production

Web Services

Web Services channel is designed for secure and reliable transmission of binary content between OP Financial Group’s corporate customer and the services of the bank.