Developer, we are doing this for you!

Developer, we are doing this for you! - OP Developer


Developer Experience is essential in Digital Transformation

The importance of user experience (UX) has been emphasised for decades now and it is widely regarded as the starting point for successful software development. Lately, we have been talking more about the customer experience. In customer experience (CX) the user experience is put into a wider context where, for example, the environment or situation affects the experience as much as the product itself. One of the latest additions to this list of abbreviations is DX, which refers to either the developer experience or digital transformation, depending on the context. Both abbreviations are applicable to OP Developer in that they refer to the increasing role played by developers in the provision of services. Developer Experience is very much in the heart of Digital Transformation.

Delivering on our Value proposition

When OP began implementing OP Developer, it was self-evident that its success would depend on successful developer experience. We started with a thorough conceptualisation and analysis of the needed features. The entire service has been created around the value proposition of: “We are determined that our APIs make OP the best partner for developers and fintech startups.”

Our way of working is experimental and based on feedback. On the basis of feedback, we will further develop and modify OP Developer. An example of our experimental way of working is the publication of our first SDK (Software Development Kit) on Github and, via the service, the use of an MIT licence.

We continuously strive to release service upgrades in an experimental manner. For a bank like OP, this kind of agile, iterative, feedback-based operating model is new in many ways – banking is typically a sector that avoids any risk-taking. However, in a sandbox environment, we are free to engage in experiments that can then be validated by developers.

Sandbox environment allows experimentation

This freedom will be naturally more restricted once the APIs are activated in production environments that process customer data, where stability, security and predictability are the key features. The OP Developer sandbox however enables agile validation of the functionality of an API. In this way, we can rapidly respond to any feedback and make the required changes in our product supply. Consequently, we aim to ensure that both the APIs and the business models created around them are suitable for the market before they are taken into production.

This operating model has proven functional in software development. As a new channel for a new operating model, OP Developer provides an excellent opportunity to bring the winds of change to product development for the banking and finance sector – especially now that we are transitioning into the API business.