Developers are going to rule the world

Champion on a mission – profile of Arto Oinonen - OP Developer


Developer experience is the number one priority for Arto Oinonen, Developer Champion at OP Financial Group.

"Developers* are going to rule the world, and Finland, too," Arto states. Even in big corporates, development teams are increasingly independent. They are freer than ever to choose their tools and means for executing a project, simply because they are the ones who must deal with them every day. In the future, this means that developers will have a decisive role in making or breaking partnerships between companies.

"Developers are actually our customers, so we need to make sure they feel comfortable working with us”, Arto explains. When developers contact us, they communicate with Arto, not with OP. “Cooperation must be simple and effortless. That’s why it isn’t enough that our APIs work smoothly – the processes around them must do so, too.”

Right now, OP Group is undergoing a major cultural and organizational change, as it is pushing towards becoming a more agile enterprise. While the company works to adopt a new mindset, Arto’s job is to ensure that developer experience remains high. Because he is a link between the Group and developers, he also facilitates the Group’s reorganization with insight gained from developer feedback.

Platform economy reshaping business models

OP Open Platform Summit gathered the decision-makers of the biggest Finnish companies to OP’s headquarters in Helsinki at the beginning of September 2018 to hear how platform economy is changing the rules of business. Emerging digital ecosystems and new partnerships make it possible to accelerate business and create more value for the customer.

“Opening APIs and offering an active developer portal is crucial so that we can keep up with these changes,” Arto emphasizes. “Lately, we’ve seen more and more discussion about platform economy in the media. I’m very pleased that OP has been leading the way and a setting a good example for others for quite some time already.”

How did he get here?

Arto comes from a family of entrepreneurs, so he learned the realities of the business world early on. “After fin-ishing my studies, I worked as a programmer for a while, but little by little I was pulled in by the business side,” Arto explains. His diverse experience between business and technology has brought him where he is today: the developer champion, driving to eliminate excesses and focusing on bringing value to the customer – the developer.

When he’s not building the developer community around OP’s new channel and services, Arto spends his time doing team sports, engaging in activities in nature, and with his young children. In 2019, he plans to take up Taido, a martial art that he’s been very passionate about in the past.

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*With the word ‘developer’, Arto refers not only to programmers, but to anyone involved in developing a service, e.g. designers and architects.