Open banking goes beyond PSD2

Beyond PSD2: Taking APIs and Partnerships to the Next Level  - OP Developer


Beyond PSD2: Taking APIs and Partnerships to the Next Level

As a cooperative, OP has always been close to people and their everyday lives. Now, we are opening up APIs. The new digital services mean that in the future we can be even closer to you.

Best things come from collaboration

The revised Directive on Payment Services (PSD2) has created a buzz as Banks open up the APIs for payment services. We at OP are looking beyond that. We are much more than a bank and we can achieve much more by opening up our APIs in our many different fields of business. In the near future we’ll be offering unique possibilities for developers and our corporate partners.

APIs from Insurance, Wealth and many other fields of business

By offering APIs in many different fields we create unique possibilities for better ideas and services. Eventually we will reap the benefits together with developers, from both startups and our corporate partners. Do you have an idea that combines payments with housing or wealth management? Our goal is to convert your ideas into reality with intelligent data.

Succeeding With partners, old and new

We are looking for new partnerships and at the same time we want to offer our established partners more than er before. We work hard every day to offer the best APIs and the best collaboration so you can develop innovative services and successful business. If you have and idea, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our goal is to help our partners succeed by creating better services for our customer-owners. Anders Stenbäck

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