Accounts V3.0 – A milestone for Digital Banking

Accounts V3.0 is live! - OP Developer


Accounts V3.0 is live!

We are proud to announce that a new and improved version of our Accounts API is now available in sandbox and production. A key milestone for OP API development, Accounts V3.0 reflects our idea of what a great banking API should look like.

A simplified development experience

The fundamentals of the API are largely unchanged: It still delivers account and transaction information. We removed a few fields from the responses, introduced a new and more sustainable paging system, and renamed links to _links. These changes make the API more concise and easy to use. A full list of changes is included with the API documentation.

In production and ready for action

Accounts V3.0 is available both in sandbox and production. As with earlier API versions, you can try it out in a matter of seconds: Just create a developer app, obtain an API key, grab one of our static tokens and you're good to go!

Those looking to use Accounts V3.0 in production will now be able to apply for production access while they create a new application at OP Developer. OP will select partners whose business model best complements OP's goals.

Please note that any potential production users must have a valid AISP license from a financial authority, e.g. Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA).

If you're using the older versions of OP's Accounts APIs (Accounts with AI and Accounts with AI 2.0), we recommend you to switch to Accounts V3.0 by the end of April 2019. Accounts V3.0 is from now on our main product for customer account information, and as of May 2019, we are no longer supporting the previous versions of our Accounts API products.

Realistic authentication and authorization in sandbox

With Accounts V3.0, we've built a new and improved authentication and authorization sandbox that allows developers to build realistic integrations and test apps before moving on to production.

Get to know the flow at our authentication page.

AI features taking another track

AI capabilities and APIs evolve at different rates. To decouple the two, and to allow both to mature on their own, we have removed the AI features introduced with Accounts 2.0. Instead, we have taken efforts to keep the API simple and concise. In the meantime, OP will continue developing new and exciting ways of utilizing AI in banking.

Thank you for following - stay with us for updates!